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Preserve, Inform & Empower

The aim of this podcast is to educate through debate
and lived experiences in hopes to inform and educate all demographics.

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PodCast Members:

Shumba Maasi
Visionary Musician/Artist

Cameka McCrae
TV Producer, Jamaica

Ka Boukie

Cecil Gray

Senior Business Consulatant/ Business sustainabilty consultant/Senior architect

Professor Nate Holder

Musician/Author/International Speaker

Sherene Perrier
American Head of
eCommerce & Digital Marketing at Bouclème

Don Scott
Ambassador for the Diversity Project/ Writer & Author/Theologian 

Zakarriyah Katakye addae-Kodua
Founder and Co host of @XconversationUK/Lived Experience speaker/Poet

Josh Osoro Pickering
Community Engagement Specialist / Artistic Producer / Writer

Kedesha Hill
Educator, Kingston JA

Ashley Braithwaite
Sound engineer, song writer , script writer, content creator.

Liam Bailey

Jeff Gyan
Senior Auditor/Entrepreneur

Cloron Hylton
Senior Project Manager/Poet

Teddy Sambas
Legendary Music producer


veronica pickering

First podcast coming soon…

What Does Diaspora Mean to you?





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